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The history of is the following:

Country House Salome is a dream that has become reality. We are based a few kilometers away from the Noventa di Piave Designer Outlet Shopping Centre, 18 minutes away from Venice’s airport, 5 minutes from Jesolo’s beach and we are on the Venice’s Lagoon, UNESCO World Heritage property. We produce wine and all along our vineyards, full of dreams, there is the new cycle track. We’ve evolved into a bycicle hotel and we belong to adribikeshotel and FIAB. Here you can hire your bike and ride along 8 Km between the pink flamingos, reach the “Locanda Cipriani” a Torcello with a typical boat from the lagoon (the Caorlina), if more guests are interested in the transfer it’s possible to reach the place with a more modern boat. Our restaurant is always open, the kitchen is healthy and genuine with high quality products.

Food and wine are part of our own production, hospitality and tranquillity is always a must.

We have four bedrooms (on our website you can explore more picture that are also available on Facebook and Instagram), the menu “a la carte” shows a variety of items that are fresh and fruit and vegetables that are produced locally. We also have snails (escargot), duck’s confit, blue prawns from New Caledonia, foie gras. Available on the Barbecue the prussian veal, and patanegra’s shoulder from Jolanda de Colo (R). As pasta we’ve decided to use only the one produced by Arrigo Cipriani, owner of Harry’s Bar in Venice, close friend and customer.

New Item available is the pasta cipriani called “black sheep”, suggested to the zone diet for the sportsman and those who need to look after their cholesterol levels (the pasta is made with simple the egg’s whites. We also have our selection of cured goose meats and always a good Parma ham sliced with a knife.

You might wonder why that there are so many items from French cuisine on our menu? Let me tell you another story..

After a graduation in public relations at the IULM, an Erasmus in Austra at the university of Klagenfurt and two months in Ireland to improve my english, I ended up with a contract in DELL Montpellier where I’ve spent 5 years of my life and that is how I’ve learned writing and speaking multiple languages, well, my way.

If you want to bring in a group of people and want to try an unique experience you can find below my proposal for this season:

1st. Private visit at the Cipriani factory and lunch at the countryhousesalome. PPP: 30€. Available Monday to Friday. Departure at 10am from country house direction “Losson di Meolo” to visit the “Cipriani” Pasta Factory. Retour at 12 for lunch at where we’ll eat the “tagliardi Cipriani” with butter and parmesan, a home made pie with whipped cream, water, tap wine and coffee included. It will be possible to buy the products of the “Cipriani” Pasta Factory directly at the factory.

2nd. Day wondering around our vineyards. PPP: 30€. Available all week. Departure at 10am from country house, guided tour of the vineyards. Upon retour we’ll have a wine tasting session where our three wines will be the host [white wine: Alma, Red Wine: Mathis, Rose: Tobia] – The wine will be tasted with freshly cured goose meats from Jolanda de Colo

3rd. Day in Torcello. PPP: 240€. Departure from country house. We’ll reach Torcello with a boat and we’ll have a guided tour of the Church in Torcello, followed by the possibility to climb the bell tower to enjo the incredible views over the surrounding Lagoon. Lunch will be at the “Locanda Cipriani” with 3 servings (Starter, main dish and dessert), on retour journey we’ll stop by in a local glass factory where the glass is worked on the old way.

4th. Cycling day. PPP: 30€. Departure from country house for a tour of the sorrounding cycle paths to visit the valleys and the wildlife that lives around here. We’ll take time to rest in three different location where we’ll also have the opportunity to taste local wine, cheese and cured meats.

5th. Italian way cooking Day. PPP: 80€. Day spent in the kitchen to prepare some of the renowned Italian dishes: Carbonara alla Matricia, Grandma’s Ada fried meatballs, a seasonal side dish and after cooking, we’ll sit all together at the table to eat whatever we’ve prepared.

6th. Private Party for groups. PPP: 40€. We’ll serve a meal for group of people. Starter: cured goose meats from Jolanda de Colo, first course: home made Lasagne and “tagliardi Cipriani”, main course: oven cooked goose’s leg with a seasonal side dish (warm or cold), Dessert: home made pie with whipped cream, water, tap wine and coffee included

7th. Hot air Baloon day. PPP: 260€. Day starts at 5am at Country House where we’ll serve breakfast with coffee and croissants. After Breakfast we’ll reach the site for the flight departure that will last around 45 minutes and each ride will take 4 people. From the Hot air Balloon you will have the view of our Lagoon from high. Retour at country house for lunch

8th. Walking day. PPP: 50€. The full day will be spent walking around the vineyards and along the way several stops to taste our local wine and cheese on freshly based bread. Each participant will receive a hat and a glass holder.

9th. Time to Relax: PPP: 25€. One hour and a half spent in the garden listening to the vibration of the Tibetan singing bowls, blended with the magnificient coulours of a sunset over Venice’s Lagoon.

10th. Water day. PPP:300€. Private tour of the lagoon with private skipper and fashionable pic nic.

11th. Dinosaurs hunt. Starting from October 2019. This is still a surprise, we’ll go playing dinosaurs hunters in the vineyards…

Thanks in advance for your attention, should you need more information do not hesitate to reach out to me

salome scattolin

tel 329 2286060

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